China contemporary sculpture exhibition 2020

Weifang media network news (reporter Gao Cui) on December 27, the 10th Chinese painting Festival and the 13th China (Weifang) culture and art exhibition fair officially opened.
As one of the important parts of this exhibition, "Fengjing" - 2020 China contemporary sculpture invitational exhibition made a wonderful appearance, bringing you a visual feast of contemporary sculpture art. The exquisite creativity of many exhibits impressed the audience. "I think this sculpture exhibition is very avant-garde and modern, with high artistic and academic standards." An audience in the exhibition area was full of praise.
Taking "wind" as the main element, the exhibition is divided into three parts: "the starting point of wind", "the latitude of wind" and "the breadth of wind", corresponding to the works exhibition of Chinese young artists, the invited works exhibition of famous artists and the works exhibition of Art Workshop respectively.
Among them, outstanding young artists from all over the country are selected for the exhibition of Chinese young artists' works, which interprets the humanistic care and cultural output under different social backgrounds with novel creative techniques. The art works have obvious regional and cultural diversity characteristics. Invited works of famous artists invited works of famous professors from famous art institutes to participate in the exhibition. From the perspective of different times, this paper explains the transformation of traditional cultural thinking and contemporariness. The art workshop exhibition mainly shows group artists trying to use various materials, techniques, and even "new materials" such as sound, light and electricity to make their works present the current regional differences and characteristics of the times.
It is understood that the exhibition area is about 4000 square meters, with more than 40 artists and more than 100 works.