How much do you know about sculpture?

With the rapid development of economy, sculpture in our country is very rare in the past. Sculpture is very common in our life. Sculpture can not only beautify the rich environment, but also give people spiritual feelings. Sculpture has become a necessity in the campus. The reason why schools need sculpture is that sculpture art can improve people's spiritual and cultural level, make people become noble and free, enjoy a good feeling, purify people's soul and realize the comprehensive purpose of education.
Campus sculpture through the solid material of the infectious modeling, with gradual, repeated penetration of the aesthetic way, cumulative, imperceptible dissemination of cultural information, plays a unique aesthetic function for students.
The embodiment of campus sculpture is mainly embodied in the idea, system, management, behavior, school spirit, teaching style and study style of the school, which can promote the formation of a good education atmosphere and comprehensive strength. Campus sculpture should reflect the positive effect, is the overall mental outlook of a school, can provide the driving force and support for the sustainable development of schools and individuals, is the school culture.