What makes today's sculpture so dynamic?

Wu Weishan, the curator and sculptor of the China Art Museum, created the large-scale sculpture "Wenwen", which is located outside the main meeting of the 5th China Changchun World Sculpture conference, sponsored by Changchun municipal government, Art Department of the Ministry of culture, China Art Museum, China Sculpture Society and China Urban sculptors Association. It seems to be opening this grand event in the sculpture industry.


In Changchun International Sculpture Park, the dynamic sculpture bird of paradise, written by the Swiss sculptor and chairman of the international dynamic art organization, is flying in the wind. The discussion in the sculpture industry starts from this movement: "it seems that the young people of our age do not have much patience to accept static art, they want to interact with art, which is also a challenge to contemporary sculptors." , said ralfonso.


The French Academy of fine arts has set up a special award to award sculptors under the age of 30. "But in recent years, we no longer strictly limit the age, because it seems that young people are more interested in installation," said Dee bennem, a communication academician of the French Academy of fine arts. Will installation replace sculpture as the mainstream, and sculptors become "people of the past"?


Art in the sun


In Wu Weishan's view, sculpture is the externalization of spirit and the condensation of emotion; "the modern spirit of sculpture is not only reflected in form" Shang Hui, an art critic, believes that Zhang Chongren's love and responsibility, Hua Tianyou's bombing, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts' collective creation of rent collection house, monument to the people's Heroes at the beginning of the founding of new China, and the image sculpture creation of many Chinese sculptors reflect that Chinese sculpture has been trying to write through the introduction of European sculpture In order to realize the monumental significance of the publicity of sculpture, the modern humanistic spirit implied in it just formed a reverse movement with the language independence of artists in Europe and America in the first half of the 20th century. Similar to him is Dee bennem: "Stonehenge in Britain is an ancient sculpture, which has sacred significance and is more interactive with installation art. However, installation art can not replace Stonehenge - sculpture does not die, but shows great vitality in today's society."


How can a sculptor endure the "silence of materials" in the noise and fury of the world? "It's not the technique that matters, it's the point of view and the thought," says Dee bennem. In memory of Brasilia, Brazil's capital, who moved its capital four years ago and was named the youngest world cultural heritage 27 years later, the sculpture "the construction warrior" placed in front of the Brazilian presidential palace has a positive theme and a very modern image. Cloud Gate, with its unique shape, has become one of the most famous attractions in Chicago because of its sharing in public space. Many excellent public sculptures have become national symbols, city cards and "spokesmen".


In the eyes of Walter smilling, chairman of the Bern foundation for culture and art in Germany, "sculpture has never been an undisputed role" The art in the public space is always related to confrontation -- the sculpture Beethoven by L ü pertz will surprise the fans, but he describes the inner agitation of the musician from a deep level and carves the image of a thoughtful and melancholy "listener"; although it needs the approval of all governments and churches, the sculptor James Trier's sky- Finally, because visitors can see the gorgeous changes of light from the elliptical cylindrical space, it becomes a favorite spot for tourists in Salzburg, "Walter smilling said. Not to mention Irving Werm's gruken, who planted the "cucumber" sculpture on the ground, let people can't help walking among the "cucumbers" - the controversial concern is an important element to make the sculpture full of vitality. "Without such sculpture, it's hard to imagine the different characteristics of a city and other cities.". Song Chunhua, consultant of China Sculpture Society and expert in architectural design, believes that public art with sculpture as the main body is "art in the sun", with huge volume and distinct image. It must carry the social function of cultural communication and spiritual guidance.


This is really an exciting question


According to Cheng Taining, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, sculpture and architecture are the two closest arts, and sculpture is the source of architectural design. "For architectural creation, sculpture is the source of architectural image." The appearance of Zhejiang Art Museum designed by him is integrated with the natural environment of Hangzhou in terms of color, slope top line, etc., creating the Neolithic cave building image of Yuecheng site museum, or like the China Sea Salt Museum, "salt crystal sprinkles on the beach" -- using "sculpture sense" rationally and romantically "The non-linear sculpture language can help architecture express the characteristics and aesthetic orientation of Chinese culture," he said.


In the eyes of the Russian Museum of art, Alexander mushenkovsky's passion for Oriental Art and his participation in the art exchange in the 19th century will have a great impact on the vitality of Russian art The elements of Chinese art. " Song Chunhua introduced that in the northeast corner of the statue of liberty, there are also five sculptures of five people related to the statue of Liberty: politicians, sculptors, structural engineers, fundraisers Pulitzer and Jewish poetess Emma Lazarus who plan the sculpture. "The top three are all French, and they and the statue of liberty are important witnesses of exchanges between France and the United States." For example, there are sculptures given to Japan's Nagasaki peace park by countries around the world, the statue of "girl of peace" by China, and the statue of Marx by Wu Weishan invited by Trier, Germany, Marx's hometown, "is this a simple figure? Will there be image elements? Or will it be a controversial new creation? It's all coming out next year, "Walter smilling said." it's really an exciting question. ". ——Therefore, it seems to be a "pseudo problem" to discuss whether the installation will replace sculpture and whether the "innovation" of sculpture will be discussed again, or to listen to the "suggestion" of German poet Gottfried Bain: "new is no longer new. It's as old as the world. "